Yellow Cherry is an innovative collection of jewelry, accessories, and plush toys designed and handcrafted in San Francisco by Cheri Wong.

Along with jewelry design, Cheri has also explored the art of custom vinyl toy making. As creative assistant for one of Kid Robot’s most featured artists, she designed and produced elaborate attire and accessories for Limited Edition collectible figures called Dunnys. In customizing these art toys, Cheri broadened her skills in a range of medium: wood, clay, paint, textiles, and plastic.

Inspired by her toy making experience, Cheri expanded her jewelry collection to include hair accessories and plush toys. In keeping with her aesthetic, she continues to create playful and imaginative additions to the world of Yellow Cherry.

When she’s not in the studio, Cheri can be found riding her bike thru Golden Gate Park, scoping out the latest design in collaborative sneakers, or cruising around her 7×7 mile environs for inspiration to spark her next creation.

Other random tidbits:

  • Favorite attire-  hoody, jeans, sneakers, and hoop earrings
  • Things she can’t live without- lip gloss, tea, hand cream, sushi
  • Favorite snack from the corner store- Have’ a Corn Chips
  • The one staple that is always in her fridge- half n half
  • Random information- she can drive a stick shift and her car’s name is Tako.
  • Current Obsessions- Skin and Bones luxurious salve, Nike Sky High Dunks, Floss Gloss nail polish, Del Popolo’s mobile pizzeria