Munny World Custom Contest

I just finished designing a submission for a contest that Kid Robot is having to win a spot in their upcoming custom toy show. Five lucky winners will get to have their work displayed at the big event held in New York City. The contest called for any customized 8 inch, mini, or mega Munny, along with a reason why the candidate should be featured in their show. A Munny is a vinyl figure produced by Kid Robot. It looks like this:

I decided to create a snow globe with a mini Munny!

I did some research on the history of snow globes. I found that they have been around for more than 125 years. They first appeared as a successor to the paperweight. In the 1800’s they were considered to be a Victorian upper-crust souvenir. One of the most famous snow globes is the one of the Eiffel Tower that was introduced at the Paris Exposition in 1889. Today, snow globes not only serve as souvenirs and holiday decorations, they also commemorate people or events. My snow globe was a tribute to the Munny.

I transformed the Munny into a snowman and encapsulated it in a slow-motion snowstorm. Creating the snow globe involved quite a bit of thought because the entire Munny needed to be waterproof for its underwater environment.  There are twigs for arms, a sculpted carrot nose, button eyes, and fuzzy bunny earmuffs for warmth.

I think my Snowman Munny turned out nicely. I hope Kid Robot will find the concept of my snow globe enchanting and nostalgic. At the very least, one damn good paper weight!

These are just a few more photos with a different backdrop. . . fancy.

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