I recently came across this inspiring website called COLOURlovers. It is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes, patterns, and discuss the latest trends. The colors for Spring 2010 are military inspired- shades of sand, army green, and hints of black. I created my first color palette with those hues in mind, along with my Olive Green Bird hair piece.

Military wear was invented for protective and utilitarian purposes. Earth colors camouflage the wearer in their surroundings, durable fabrics provide a shield against the elements, and cargo pockets give accessibility and storage. This made me think about the different uses for my hair piece. Just to name a few- use it to secure an updo hairdo, as ornamentation, or a utensil to eat with some delicious hamachi sashimi!

The colors I used had some clever names. I think “money” is my favorite. It’s so honest!

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