Crocheting is Cool

For years I have been fascinated with Amigurumi- the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals or toys. They are super cute and always make me smile. I also thought it would be a nice way for me to expand my plush toy repertoire. The texture achieved from crochet is very unique, which is what I think makes amigurumi so alluring.

After a couple of hours watching YouTube videos on how to crochet, along with finding the simplest book, which happened to be a kid’s book, and some serious practice, I completed my first amigurumi bear!

He’s soft, cuddly, and pocket-sized! I think I’ll call him Chisai Kuma, which is “little bear” in Japanese.

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  • I’ve been crocheting for about two months now so, I’m still learning but, I love it. I haven’t gotten to plushes yet. Right now I’m working on scarves for my niece and nephew.

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