Fruity Friends

Popsicles and watermelon wedges for those hot summer days!

melon 400x400




Hibiscus Kitty

Upcycling a vintage Hawaiian shirt makes for an eco friendly plush kitty. The blue tones remind me of the water surrounding the Big Island. Aloha!

Hibiscus Kitty

Hibiscus Kitty Back

Hibiscus Kitty Detail

Polka Dot Bunnies

Hope everyone had a nice easter!


Sock Bunny

Spring green colored socks with mini hearts make for a great sock bunny!



Happy Hearts

Smiling plush hearts and a feathered arrow for Valentine’s Day- XoXo



Giddy up! It’s officially The Year of the Horse

Celebrating Chinese New Year with a trio of galloping gold horses wearing symbols of good fortune and prosperity, a red lantern to light their path. The branch represents the first of the Five Chinese Elements wood- the beginning of life and springtime.

Horse Lantern

Firecracker Horse

Red Horse

Lucky Coin Horse

Butterfly Lantern

It’s almost the Year of the Horse

I’ve got a can of gold spray paint, horse figurines, red glitter, red paper lantern, cherry blossoms, and other lucky trinkets. Let’s see what happens!

YC Horse2014

Snow Leopard Kitty

Celebrating this Winter Solstice and the New Year with a plush snow leopard kitty and a string of pom pom garland. Looking forward to new beginnings in 2014!

Snow Leopard Kitty

Snow Leopard Kitty Dtl

Fuzzy Felted Acorns

I finally got around to using the acorn caps that I found while hiking along the Pacific Coast- just in time for fall.

YC felted Acorns

YC felted acorns2

YC Acorn Detail

Owl’oween Kitty

Happy Halloween! This kitty is ready for trick or treating with its owl mask and feathery winged cape.

Owl'oween Kitty

Owl Kitty Wings

Owl Kitty Detail

Owl Kitty

Owl'oween Costume

Owl Mask