Hello Autumn

Fall Flowers

Pacific Northwest

I just got back from Vancouver City and thought I’d share some of my photos of the Pacific Northwest.  It is an amazing city with great food, local independent shops, and outdoor adventures.

Stanley Park Vancouver

Stanley Park

The Burrard Hotel

The Burrard Hotel

Granville Island

Granville Island

Sushi Mart

Sushi Mart- delicious, sustainable sushi spot

Main Street Vancouver

Shops on Main Street

Popsicle Party

In the spirit of summer- celebrating warm weather, picnics, and travel!




Pineapple Kitty


I had been hanging on to this sketch for quite some time until I found just the right materials to make a plush pineapple kitty!


I didn’t want to make the usual markings on the pineapple and was really excited when I found this fabric. The floral pattern and soft shade of yellow reminds me of a vintage Hawaiian print.


The kitty is made from soft Sherpa. I used leather buttons for the eyes and a chocolate brown colored ribbon for its smile.


Looking snug and cozy inside the pineapple. I made sure to make an opening for its tail to poke through too.


The rear view and details of the pineapple top.



Pysanky Patterned Eggs

One of the perks of having a late March birthday is that I receive lots of Easter themed gifts. This year I was introduced to the style and patterns of Pysanky. My dear friend in Canada sent me these metallic printed foils for decorating my Easter eggs. Thank you Charlene!

1/2 dozen Pysanky

Pysanky is a Ukranian Easter egg that is decorated using a wax-resist method using traditional folk motifs. Not only are the eggs colorful and have an intricate design, the colors and patterns all have special meaning.

Love Bird Pysanky

The color green symbolizes spring, growth, and new hope. The dots suggests the stars or constellations.

Violet Bird Pysanky

Birds are a symbol of fertility and fulfillment of wishes.

Floral Pysanky

Red is the color for passion, fire, and spiritual awakening. Roses and flowers represent love, caring and friendship.

Bouquets to Art

Spring has arrived and to celebrate the Spring Equinox, the de Young Museum has transformed itself for the Bouquets to Art 2013. More than 100 of the Bay Area’s most innovative floral designers have come together to create a mash-up of art and flowers that pay tribute to the art in the de Young’s permanent collections. It was up for only one week and was pretty spectacular.


Kaori Imaizumi floral design/ Sam Francis’s Helio

Kaori Imaizumi- Helio

Sharpstick Studio/ David Nash’s Rip and Cross Cut Block

Snapstick Studio

Belle Flora/ Ruth Asawa’s wire sculptures

Ruth Asawa Sculptures


Hiss the Year of the Snake

My tribute to the Year of the Snake: fresh flowers for prosperity, envelopes filled with lucky money, and my cloisonne fish earrings for a splash of red and abundance.

Yellow Cherry CNY

Coiffed and Feathered

I needed to make something to wear to a woodland themed costume party. I’m hoping my feathery headband adorned with a baby owl will be fancy enough.




Pom Pom Party

Farewell 2012. I’m finishing the year with an underwater scene of pom pom bubbles surrounding a floating amigurumi jellyfish wearing a party hat! Peace.

Winter Woodland Fun

I decided the theme for my holiday décor this year is going to have a winter woodland look! My jackalope’s antlers made for the perfect spot to hang some ornaments because I didn’t get a tree.

I made some glass balls into mini terrariums containing things one might find amongst the forest floor.

Reindeer moss- the color and name was the perfect fit.

Foraged red berries- compliments of Golden Gate Park. Thanks.