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Hello Autumn

Fall Flowers

Hiss the Year of the Snake

My tribute to the Year of the Snake: fresh flowers for prosperity, envelopes filled with lucky money, and my cloisonne fish earrings for a splash of red and abundance.

Yellow Cherry CNY

Terrarium Day

Furoshiki is Fun

Over the years I’ve become more eco conscious about my use of paper goods. This year I was inspired to use a Japanese style of gift-wrapping, furoshiki for my holiday presents.

Furoshiki means “cloth for the bath.” It was initially used in public bathhouses during the Edo period as a bath mat and to carry clothing and toiletries. Nowadays it is used to transport gifts and other goods. Furoshiki are always square and the cloth may have images that reflect the occasion and significance of the gift.

I used these handkerchiefs I found at a Japanese dollar store. They cost less than a roll of wrapping paper and encourage reuse.

In keeping with my Japanese theme of gift-wrapping I crocheted some amigurumi ornaments to make them extra festive.

Monster Mummy Pumpkin Heads