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SF Sticker Co Visit

I spent an afternoon down at SF Sticker Company’s factory learning about the lost art of screen-printed stickers. The process is very labor intensive: making films from digital files, color separations, coating screens with emulsion, transferring the image, printing, laminating, cutting, and packaging.

I got the task of sorting and packaging stickers for a Thrasher Magazine job. They had an order for 10,000 pieces in mixed bundles of red, black, and blue “Skate and Destroy” stickers. My favorite part of the experience was using the heat sealer and listening to Howard Stern podcasts!

SF Sticker Co

SF Sticker Co 1

SkateNDestroy Stickers


Limited Edition Stickers!

SF Sticker Co hooked it up with my ridiculous 9 color Yellow Cherry stickers. The maximum color scheme is usually 4. They’ve got some serious skills! The technique they use is more of an art form. They use spot colored, UV based screen printing, with over laminating for extra durability. Some of their clients include Adidas Skateboarding, Upper Playground, and Silly Pink Bunnies.

They also made a few stickers with a reflective prism finish . . . SICK.  It’s looks subtle in the photo, but when the sun hits it just right the magic happens!