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The Orchard Projects

I spent the weekend at my pals, Brian and Rochelle’s artist retreat, The Orchard Projects. Their cozy retreat rests on 100 acres of avocado and citrus orchards in Ventura. The Orchard Projects invites artists, curators, musicians, and writers to escape “studio life’s rigors and gain a critical distance from their work and the world at large.” Their aim is to give a sense of clarity and community to those who are often overwhelmed by their own work to the point that it can be daunting, stressful, and isolating. My visit was mainly for social reasons. However, a little relaxation, surfing, and home cooked meals from their vegetable garden was the perfect retreat from city life!

It was so nice hanging out on their deck, sipping tea, basking in the sunshine while overlooking the orchard.

I also enjoyed the powder room. When I asked about the aesthetic of the room, I was informed it is called “Nouveau Lodge.” Aside from being the director of The Orchard Projects, Brian is a very talented decorative painter.

One of the highlights of my weekend in Ventura was a surprise trip to my favorite fabric purveyor SuperBuzzy! They have the best collection of Japanese fabrics, crafts, notions, and other cute things. It was really exciting to see their headquarters because they only have an online store. Rochelle had made special arrangements for us to come and do a little shopping. She was such a great host- top notch!

Along with the beautiful array of Echino fabrics, I fell in love with Heather Ross’s “Unicorn in the Meadow.” Her fabric is made of super comfy Japanese double gauze. This fabric is quite popular in Japan because it has the ideal properties for hot and humid summers. It is soft, lightweight, and has an open weave to allow air to pass through. The gauze retains its light and cool properties, but is no longer sheer because of the double layer of fabric. Another bonus is that it absorbs perspiration without showing an unsightly mark. This fabric is breezy and magical!