Berry Red Autumn Bird

Fall- the season of change is my favorite time of year in San Francisco! The sun actually breaks through the dense layer of fog that usually hovers above the city bringing warmth. The air becomes brisk. I love watching the leaves change color into different hues of red, brown, and amber.

Coinciding with the beginning of fall, my Berry Red Bird Hair Stick was featured in two different Etsy Treasuries. The hairpiece has two wooden chopsticks that I sanded and treated with a walnut stain. A little bird is perched on a found branch with layers of feathers below for a nesting place. I also added scarlet colored trim that sways beneath for movement and whimsy.

The treasury below is called “Woodland.” The name brings images of a forest with furry creatures running around gathering food, while birds build their nest to mind.

This treasury is called “Michaelmas in the Woods.” It refers to Saint Michael the Archangel who is honored for his defeat of Lucifer in the battle for the heavens. He is celebrated on September 29, which is associated with the beginning of autumn.

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