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Berry Red Autumn Bird

Fall- the season of change is my favorite time of year in San Francisco! The sun actually breaks through the dense layer of fog that usually hovers above the city bringing warmth. The air becomes brisk. I love watching the leaves change color into different hues of red, brown, and amber.

Coinciding with the beginning of fall, my Berry Red Bird Hair Stick was featured in two different Etsy Treasuries. The hairpiece has two wooden chopsticks that I sanded and treated with a walnut stain. A little bird is perched on a found branch with layers of feathers below for a nesting place. I also added scarlet colored trim that sways beneath for movement and whimsy.

The treasury below is called “Woodland.” The name brings images of a forest with furry creatures running around gathering food, while birds build their nest to mind.

This treasury is called “Michaelmas in the Woods.” It refers to Saint Michael the Archangel who is honored for his defeat of Lucifer in the battle for the heavens. He is celebrated on September 29, which is associated with the beginning of autumn.

Metallic Silver Kitty

Metallic Silver Kitty was chosen for an Etsy treasury with a clever theme called “Hard and Shiny Bodies.” It contains a random mix of spandex, glitter, and shiny objects.

The cat’s shiny body is made of quilted fabric. I thought the diamond pattern would give it a fun texture. There are buttons for eyes and satin ribbon forms its smile. This kitty likes to wear leg warmers while watching Solid Gold reruns!

Light As a Feather on Etsy

My Apricot Peacock Feather earrings were just featured in another Etsy Treasury. Gotta love the free publicity!

Neon Pink Kitty

My Neon Pink Kitty made it into an Etsy Treasury. Hee hee! I’m not the only one who appreciates Day Glo. It is cheerful, fun, and sure to brighten your day. Literally.

Peachy Keen

My work was featured in two different Etsy treasuries last week. I’ve been rather lackadaisical about posting them though. The Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. The members use a certain subject to create their treasuries. In this particular one, the color peach seems to be the main theme. My Apricot Peacock Feather earrings were featured below, third row and center. Pretty peachy!

My Cherry Blossom Bird hair stick was used in this treasury, second row and center. I love that it’s titled “Spring in SF,” being that I’m located in SF. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom right now too. Nice timing.

Good Things Come in Threes

It has been a good week. My work was featured in three different Etsy Treasuries. Hues of apricot, orange, and sage seem to be the running color scheme amongst these collections. . . interesting coincidence. They also possess a soft, feminine, and romantic appeal. Perfect timing, since Valentine’s Day is approaching fast.

My Clementine Bird Hair Stick is shown in the two below:

My Apricot Peacock Feather earrings are shown in this one:

Double Treasure

A couple of my pieces were featured in two different Etsy treasuries this past week: Cloisonné Fish earrings and Clementine Bird hair stick. There must be something special about the hair piece because this is the fourth time it has been selected for a treasury. Anyways, I’m loving the free publicity!

Treasury by Steampunk Vintage with Cloisonné Fish earrings:


Treasury by Capelet with Clementine Bird hair piece:


Etsy Treasury- Flutter

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy treasury. Woo hoo! This one is called “Flutter.” I like all of the orange brown tones. . . perfect timing, since it’s the first week of autumn.


Etsy Treasury- Plumage

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy Treasury. Yay! I get really excited when my work is featured in a treasury because it gets a great amount of exposure and it’s fun to see what other items it’s curated with.


Clementine Bird

Another one of my hair pieces was featured in an Etsy Treasury. Yay!

The Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. There is a certain theme the members use to create their treasuries. This particular one was inspired by the color gold. Yea, that’s me second row and center!