Pysanky Patterned Eggs

One of the perks of having a late March birthday is that I receive lots of Easter themed gifts. This year I was introduced to the style and patterns of Pysanky. My dear friend in Canada sent me these metallic printed foils for decorating my Easter eggs. Thank you Charlene!

1/2 dozen Pysanky

Pysanky is a Ukranian Easter egg that is decorated using a wax-resist method using traditional folk motifs. Not only are the eggs colorful and have an intricate design, the colors and patterns all have special meaning.

Love Bird Pysanky

The color green symbolizes spring, growth, and new hope. The dots suggests the stars or constellations.

Violet Bird Pysanky

Birds are a symbol of fertility and fulfillment of wishes.

Floral Pysanky

Red is the color for passion, fire, and spiritual awakening. Roses and flowers represent love, caring and friendship.

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