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Pysanky Patterned Eggs

One of the perks of having a late March birthday is that I receive lots of Easter themed gifts. This year I was introduced to the style and patterns of Pysanky. My dear friend in Canada sent me these metallic printed foils for decorating my Easter eggs. Thank you Charlene!

1/2 dozen Pysanky

Pysanky is a Ukranian Easter egg that is decorated using a wax-resist method using traditional folk motifs. Not only are the eggs colorful and have an intricate design, the colors and patterns all have special meaning.

Love Bird Pysanky

The color green symbolizes spring, growth, and new hope. The dots suggests the stars or constellations.

Violet Bird Pysanky

Birds are a symbol of fertility and fulfillment of wishes.

Floral Pysanky

Red is the color for passion, fire, and spiritual awakening. Roses and flowers represent love, caring and friendship.

Louis Vuitton-imals

I am in complete awe of the Louis Vuitton goods used to create these custom critters. I’m pretty sure they are some of the most luxurious materials used to date. Billie Achilleos, an artist from the UK, designed them for the launch of Louis Vuitton’s Mon Monogram service for small leather goods. She designed each animal to highlight an element of Vuitton’s aesthetic.

The Armadillo emphasizes the soft yet durable quality leathers used.

The Chameleon displays the variety of select Vernis colors released every season. It wasn’t until 1998 that Louis Vuitton introduced color to his collections. They were only in grey and white.

The Beaver showcases a clever way of organizing one’s life using men’s bags and wallets.

I think this one is my favorite. The use of key rings for its claws is brilliant! I also love its gold tooth.

Color Crazed

June Gloom seems to prevail this summer in SF. It’s foggy and cold, with an occasional drizzle that seems to linger most of the day. The sun will taunt me with a brief appearance, then retreat back into the fog. I’ve been finding myself drawn to bright colors, daydreaming about being somewhere warm and tropical. Sobral’s striped resin hoops are helping soothe my summer slump and craze for color.

Sobral is a Brazilian designer from Rio de Janeiro known for his beautiful handmade resin jewelry. My favorite pieces are from his “Pop” collection. I love the mix of candy colored translucent and opaque stripes. Everything is so smooth and shiny. It makes me happy!

Not only does Sobral make fun and vibrant works, his entire production process is eco-friendly down to the packaging. He also partners with the Museum of The Republic to educate underprivileged children in the art of making fashion jewelry.

Every time I wear my hoops it feels a few degrees warmer- color therapy never felt so good!

Kitty Beauté

This is dedicated to all of my readers who take interest in the random things I get excited about and find inspirational. I saw this lipstick from the Paul & Joe Beauté 2010 Autumn Creation collection, “Sparkles” and immediately had to have one. I don’t even wear lipstick, but the design and packaging was irresistible! It has a cat sculpted on the lipstick itself, encased in the most beautiful tube printed with designs from the Paul & Joe clothing line.

The designer of Paul & Joe is Sophi Albou. Her makeup line was inspired by the illumination of the Moon and her favorite animal- cats. There is a legend that cats hold moonlight in their eyes. The lipstick is supposed to give the lips a hint of shimmer to create the look of moonlight. It also contains the ‘Secret D’or’ blend: varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and sparkle that varies depending on what angle you view it from. Luminous lips, how could I resist?

“Over the Moon” is my favorite. The red paper wrapping with white swans is so pretty and soft. It also has a sweet, romantic charm about it. I love taking the cap off and twisting it to make the cat head appear!

Setu Seating is Supreme

For years I have been dealing with a lower back issue that I acquired while setting a stone in one of my necklaces. It’s true what they say about those chairs with wheels- be careful in how you move with them! Since then, I have been dreaming about owning a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.  The chair is totally ergonomic, designed to work with the body’s biomechanics to support the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. This enables the spine to maintain its alignment for healthier posture and improved lower back comfort. I thought the design was ingenious and my back would especially like the chair. I was determined to purchase one and started putting money aside into a little fund to one day enjoy this supreme seating.

After months of penny pinching I was finally ready to buy the Aeron Chair. As I entered Design Within Reach excited to have my very own Aeron, I discovered the Herman Miller Setu Chair. To my surprise I was instantly enamored and decided that was the chair for me! It was beautiful, sleek, and had all of features I needed for my back.

I was impressed by the simple, clean design that was inspired by the spiral shape of the nautilus shell- the kinematic spine. It follows the shape of our own spine, connecting the back and seat into one continuous support without any manual adjustments or complex lumbar supports. The upholstery used is called Lyris elastomer– an innovative material that distributes weight evenly by stretching in every direction. It is also durable, permits air circulation, and super comfy.

The word “Setu” means bridge in Sanskrit and evokes the Yoga pose Setu Bandhasana, also known as the Bridge Pose. I also liked that my chair is both Greenguard and Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and made from 44% recycled content. My chair is good for my back and environmentally friendly!

Pretty Paperwhites

Tis the season for gift giving. I’m a big fan of giving plants. I picked up this beautiful Paperwhite for a friend of mine. I loved the direction it was growing in, and thought it would look awesome when the flowers began to bloom. There are some Tallow Berry branches along with some moss to make it look extra fancy!

I also picked up this cute little amiguri snowman to give with the Paperwhite. I thought it added just the right amount of holiday flair.