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Setu Seating is Supreme

For years I have been dealing with a lower back issue that I acquired while setting a stone in one of my necklaces. It’s true what they say about those chairs with wheels- be careful in how you move with them! Since then, I have been dreaming about owning a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.  The chair is totally ergonomic, designed to work with the body’s biomechanics to support the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. This enables the spine to maintain its alignment for healthier posture and improved lower back comfort. I thought the design was ingenious and my back would especially like the chair. I was determined to purchase one and started putting money aside into a little fund to one day enjoy this supreme seating.

After months of penny pinching I was finally ready to buy the Aeron Chair. As I entered Design Within Reach excited to have my very own Aeron, I discovered the Herman Miller Setu Chair. To my surprise I was instantly enamored and decided that was the chair for me! It was beautiful, sleek, and had all of features I needed for my back.

I was impressed by the simple, clean design that was inspired by the spiral shape of the nautilus shell- the kinematic spine. It follows the shape of our own spine, connecting the back and seat into one continuous support without any manual adjustments or complex lumbar supports. The upholstery used is called Lyris elastomer– an innovative material that distributes weight evenly by stretching in every direction. It is also durable, permits air circulation, and super comfy.

The word “Setu” means bridge in Sanskrit and evokes the Yoga pose Setu Bandhasana, also known as the Bridge Pose. I also liked that my chair is both Greenguard and Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and made from 44% recycled content. My chair is good for my back and environmentally friendly!