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Birthday Birdy for my Buddy

For my best pal’s birthday I decided to make her a custom hairpiece. She has always been a great source of inspiration and support to me that I wanted to make her something special.

I found some exotic sticks made of coconut wood. They have a beautiful dark grain and are super smooth and sturdy.  I set a baby bird resting on a nest of feathers. Amongst the plumage I included a dotted feather for a bit of whimsy, along with a train of apricot fringe for a splash of color and movement. I had to make sure the piece also had some sparkle- hammered gold discs. I thought it would be festive and reminded me of confetti. Happy Birthday Rochelle!

Double Treasure

A couple of my pieces were featured in two different Etsy treasuries this past week: Cloisonné Fish earrings and Clementine Bird hair stick. There must be something special about the hair piece because this is the fourth time it has been selected for a treasury. Anyways, I’m loving the free publicity!

Treasury by Steampunk Vintage with Cloisonné Fish earrings:


Treasury by Capelet with Clementine Bird hair piece:


Etsy Treasury- Flutter

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy treasury. Woo hoo! This one is called “Flutter.” I like all of the orange brown tones. . . perfect timing, since it’s the first week of autumn.


Etsy Treasury- Plumage

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy Treasury. Yay! I get really excited when my work is featured in a treasury because it gets a great amount of exposure and it’s fun to see what other items it’s curated with.


Clementine Bird

Another one of my hair pieces was featured in an Etsy Treasury. Yay!

The Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. There is a certain theme the members use to create their treasuries. This particular one was inspired by the color gold. Yea, that’s me second row and center!


Cherry Blossom Birdy

My “Cherry Blossom Bird” hair piece was featured in an Etsy Treasury. . . I’m flattered!

treasury pic