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Peachy Keen

My work was featured in two different Etsy treasuries last week. I’ve been rather lackadaisical about posting them though. The Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. The members use a certain subject to create their treasuries. In this particular one, the color peach seems to be the main theme. My Apricot Peacock Feather earrings were featured below, third row and center. Pretty peachy!

My Cherry Blossom Bird hair stick was used in this treasury, second row and center. I love that it’s titled “Spring in SF,” being that I’m located in SF. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom right now too. Nice timing.

Good Things Come in Threes

It has been a good week. My work was featured in three different Etsy Treasuries. Hues of apricot, orange, and sage seem to be the running color scheme amongst these collections. . . interesting coincidence. They also possess a soft, feminine, and romantic appeal. Perfect timing, since Valentine’s Day is approaching fast.

My Clementine Bird Hair Stick is shown in the two below:

My Apricot Peacock Feather earrings are shown in this one:

Found Handmade

A pair of my feather earrings was recently featured on Found Handmade’s Blog. It is a new kind of site for all buyers and sellers of everything handmade, vintage or supplies.

The feather earrings they showed are one of my favorite pairs of earrings. I used bleached and dyed peacock feathers and mixed them with long strands of gold chain that graze the shoulders. The vibrant color of the feathers draw attention to the nape, while the chain sparkles around the décolleté. They are a lot of fun to wear because they add a splash of color to your hair. People often think my earrings are colored highlights in my hair.

Double Treasure

A couple of my pieces were featured in two different Etsy treasuries this past week: Cloisonné Fish earrings and Clementine Bird hair stick. There must be something special about the hair piece because this is the fourth time it has been selected for a treasury. Anyways, I’m loving the free publicity!

Treasury by Steampunk Vintage with Cloisonné Fish earrings:


Treasury by Capelet with Clementine Bird hair piece:


Etsy Treasury- Flutter

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy treasury. Woo hoo! This one is called “Flutter.” I like all of the orange brown tones. . . perfect timing, since it’s the first week of autumn.


Etsy Treasury- Plumage

My Clementine Bird hair piece was featured in another Etsy Treasury. Yay! I get really excited when my work is featured in a treasury because it gets a great amount of exposure and it’s fun to see what other items it’s curated with.


Yellow Cherry Studio

I did some cleaning and rearranging in my studio. It’s nice and tidy now!




A few of my sample kitties chillin’ with their homies. . .


My favorite pin cushion! I think it’s actual intended use is to hold your cell phone. I like to keep a pin in his forehead on the third eye. It’s an acupuncture point for clarity and calmness.

Clementine Bird

Another one of my hair pieces was featured in an Etsy Treasury. Yay!

The Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. There is a certain theme the members use to create their treasuries. This particular one was inspired by the color gold. Yea, that’s me second row and center!


Trouble and Trifle

One of my lady friends just started a cool blog pertaining to art, crafts, fashion, and food. Check it out! Did I mention there’s free recipes?


Limited Edition Stickers!

SF Sticker Co hooked it up with my ridiculous 9 color Yellow Cherry stickers. The maximum color scheme is usually 4. They’ve got some serious skills! The technique they use is more of an art form. They use spot colored, UV based screen printing, with over laminating for extra durability. Some of their clients include Adidas Skateboarding, Upper Playground, and Silly Pink Bunnies.

They also made a few stickers with a reflective prism finish . . . SICK.  It’s looks subtle in the photo, but when the sun hits it just right the magic happens!