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Metallic Silver Kitty

Metallic Silver Kitty was chosen for an Etsy treasury with a clever theme called “Hard and Shiny Bodies.” It contains a random mix of spandex, glitter, and shiny objects.

The cat’s shiny body is made of quilted fabric. I thought the diamond pattern would give it a fun texture. There are buttons for eyes and satin ribbon forms its smile. This kitty likes to wear leg warmers while watching Solid Gold reruns!

Winter Wool Kitty

My attraction to houndstooth and tweed is still going strong. It sparked the idea of creating a tweed plush kitty. Since it’s just a few days before Christmas, I decided to take photos of it with my tree.

Tweed is known for being moisture-resistant and durable, so this kitty is ready for all types of outdoor adventures. I also knit it a scarf for additional warmth.

Meow and Meow Meow


I had the honor of designing some plush kitties for my pal Charlene, who lives in Canada. She’s a huge supporter of handmade goods and custom living. She requested a pair of cats that resemble the ones in her neighborhood, whom her girls refer to as Meow and Meow Meow. Meow is a jet black Bombay cat, and Meow Meow is a silver gray Chartreux cat.

For Meow, I found this great fabric that had tinsel-like strands attached to it. I thought it had the perfect texture to make a kitty with wild, unkempt fur. To contrast Meow’s straggly fur, I thought a soft velour would be nice for Meow Meow. It would also make a good snuggle buddy for a two year old.

The kitties were a success and are very well-loved in their new home in Canada!



Spring Green Kitty

My dear friend Lana- The Gardenista, brought me this amazing orchid that just so happens to complement one of my latest plush cat designs.

We had a little photo shoot. . .

I made this kitty out of a velour-like fleece. The color reminded me of wasabi, inspiring me to make a headband for it. Now it can be karate kitty, sushi kitty, or maybe even tae bo kitty. he he!

The headband is removable too, for those who aren’t feeling it. I gave it a hot pink mouth because pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations. Happy Spring!