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Pineapple Kitty


I had been hanging on to this sketch for quite some time until I found just the right materials to make a plush pineapple kitty!


I didn’t want to make the usual markings on the pineapple and was really excited when I found this fabric. The floral pattern and soft shade of yellow reminds me of a vintage Hawaiian print.


The kitty is made from soft Sherpa. I used leather buttons for the eyes and a chocolate brown colored ribbon for its smile.


Looking snug and cozy inside the pineapple. I made sure to make an opening for its tail to poke through too.


The rear view and details of the pineapple top.



Tourmaline Charged Kitty

I recently discovered that tourmaline, one of my favorite gems to use for the eyes on my kitty necklaces, is the main ingredient in a specialized skin care line by Aveda. Tourmaline is a naturally energizing mineral. It is used to boost the skin’s energy to give it a healthy glow.

I had the opportunity to experience the Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque and was very impressed. My skin was softer, smoother, and more radiant! Not only does the masque contain finely powdered tourmaline, it also has antioxidants derived from tomatoes, Murumuru butter to increase skin hydration, and a corn-derived sugar to help shed dull skin cells.

Aveda prides themselves on using naturally derived ingredients, along with protecting and preserving the environment. It feels good to have a great product for my skin and know it came from an eco-friendly company.

I think I’m going to wear my tourmaline kitty necklace more often. Maybe it will also help my skin look more radiant!

Metallic Silver Kitty

Metallic Silver Kitty was chosen for an Etsy treasury with a clever theme called “Hard and Shiny Bodies.” It contains a random mix of spandex, glitter, and shiny objects.

The cat’s shiny body is made of quilted fabric. I thought the diamond pattern would give it a fun texture. There are buttons for eyes and satin ribbon forms its smile. This kitty likes to wear leg warmers while watching Solid Gold reruns!

Kitty Beauté

This is dedicated to all of my readers who take interest in the random things I get excited about and find inspirational. I saw this lipstick from the Paul & Joe Beauté 2010 Autumn Creation collection, “Sparkles” and immediately had to have one. I don’t even wear lipstick, but the design and packaging was irresistible! It has a cat sculpted on the lipstick itself, encased in the most beautiful tube printed with designs from the Paul & Joe clothing line.

The designer of Paul & Joe is Sophi Albou. Her makeup line was inspired by the illumination of the Moon and her favorite animal- cats. There is a legend that cats hold moonlight in their eyes. The lipstick is supposed to give the lips a hint of shimmer to create the look of moonlight. It also contains the ‘Secret D’or’ blend: varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and sparkle that varies depending on what angle you view it from. Luminous lips, how could I resist?

“Over the Moon” is my favorite. The red paper wrapping with white swans is so pretty and soft. It also has a sweet, romantic charm about it. I love taking the cap off and twisting it to make the cat head appear!