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Kitty Beauté

This is dedicated to all of my readers who take interest in the random things I get excited about and find inspirational. I saw this lipstick from the Paul & Joe Beauté 2010 Autumn Creation collection, “Sparkles” and immediately had to have one. I don’t even wear lipstick, but the design and packaging was irresistible! It has a cat sculpted on the lipstick itself, encased in the most beautiful tube printed with designs from the Paul & Joe clothing line.

The designer of Paul & Joe is Sophi Albou. Her makeup line was inspired by the illumination of the Moon and her favorite animal- cats. There is a legend that cats hold moonlight in their eyes. The lipstick is supposed to give the lips a hint of shimmer to create the look of moonlight. It also contains the ‘Secret D’or’ blend: varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and sparkle that varies depending on what angle you view it from. Luminous lips, how could I resist?

“Over the Moon” is my favorite. The red paper wrapping with white swans is so pretty and soft. It also has a sweet, romantic charm about it. I love taking the cap off and twisting it to make the cat head appear!